True Hip-Hop Stories: Special Ed

Special Ed, hailing from Brooklyn NY, best known for “I got it made” and I’m the magnificent” is one of the most influential emcees in Hip-Hop. With the 1989 release of “The Youngest in Charge” album which was an album that was recorded when he was 16. In 1990 he released his album Legal with the singles “come on let’s move it and “The Mission.”
He was later a member of the Crooklyn Dodgers, an ad hoc group who came together to perform for the Spike Lee films titled “Clockers” and “Crooklyn.” His latest release “Still got it made” was released on 2004.

In this video Special Ed discusses the making of his hit recording I Got It Made and some thoughts on Rick Ross & John Legend and the current state of Hip Hop.

True Hip-Hop Stories is a series from D-Nice, a Hip Hop discjockey, beatboxer, rapper, producer, photographer who began his career in the mid-80s with the hip hop group boogie down productions. You can check out his website http://www.d-nice.com


DJ Premier

Premier born Christopher Edward Martin is one of the most influential Hip Hop Djs during the Golden age in Hip Hop. First known as Waxmaster C and eventually got to work with Guru who was from Boston. Guru who had already formed a group called Gangstarr had received a beat tape from Premier in which he liked and invited Premier into the group after it was disbaned from DJ 1,2 B-Down (also known as Mike Dee) with various producers, such as Donald D, J.V. Johnson or DJ Mark the 45 King. They then released their first single”Words I Manifest” and made an album called “No More Mr Nice Guy.” During Dj Premier’s career he helped pioneered the New York Hip Hop sound during the 90s. Gangstarr also helped to contributed and establshed the sound of rap jazz in their famously hit the Jazz Thing which was featured in Spike Lee’s Film Mo’ Better Blues. Within the years the group had expanded and had affilates with other artist such as Group Home, Jeru the Damaja, Bahamadia, Big Shug, Afu-Ra, Fabidden, Freddie Foxxx, Krumbsnatcha and NYGZ.

Dj Premier’s style of production of that of a typical sound of the New York’s sound and Golden Age in Hip Hop. He pioneered the art of scratching using certain sound bites or sound clips from other artist. His scratching are eventually the chorus of every single song he has produced. He samples from Jazz, Soul and Funk as well as sampling the artist’s past work. In addition to his great memory of Hip Hop lyrics he has scacthed and vocal sampled other artist which will be scratched as a chorus and Premier will add a phrase to the song as he was speaking with his hands. He is one of the most influential Dj in Hip Hip and the most non stop Dj to make hits that are still relevant to this day.


Beat Diggin’ Documentry

Beat diggin is considered a lost art form now days. Records had a profound impact over the years as many djs and producers started to sample which is one of the most fundamental asspects in Hip Hop culture. With lots of keyboard producers now days jammig up to the mainstream airwaves, ther are many other producers who still love to create music but not for the love of making money. As A.G. puts it “Buying old records is a habit.”

Beat Diggin’ is a 30 min documentry featuring one of the best producers who have changed this art phenomenon.

Credits : Jesper from BusyBody Films. You can check his clips and read about other Hip hop related films on myspace.com/busybodyfilms


Chubb Rock – Caught Up (1988)

I need to get my hands on this record if I happen to find it

Chubb Rock is well known for the 1995 incarnation of Crooklyn Dodgers, a rap act duo that featured O.C. and Jeru the Damaja. He first self-titled debut was “Chubb Rock” and 1989s “And the winner is…” Until in 1991 with the release entitled “The One” reached #13 on Billboards Top Hiphop/R&B. 

From the “Chubb Rock” LP featuring Hitman Howie Tee. 


Best Hip Hop Albums from this decade (2000-2009)

Since the decade is coming to a close, I’ve decided to make a list of the best Hip Hop albums of the decade in the year 2000s till 2009. Most of the albums of this decade came out independent and a lot of artists starting to form their own record labels. It was a big deal for independent artists for this decade and a lot of artist started to rebel against the big labels during this period of time. We saw lots of things go down that has impacted society from September 11, Marshall law, War in Iraq, and the first black president into office, and disasters like Katrina. Political artists also had good albums in this decade but they weren’t put on the airwaves on public radio.  In radio terms many rappers felt that they weren’t represented in their own city and others tried to gain recognition. I have read other opinions on the best album of the decade and most people choose Jay Z’s Blueprint as the album of the decade in fact that it was released on September 11 2001, but  I won’t put it into my list because it wasn’t worth of a great album from my stand point or on the greatness instead of how much it sold. Most albums on this list is not about the units that where sold, I’ve decided to create a list based on how great these albums where and they had a profound impact when I was living during these times. So here is my top whatever albums of the decade.

#1: Gang Starr – The Ownerz

#2 : Immortal Technique – Revolutionary Vol. 2

The rest is out of order

Del Tron 3030 – Del Tron 3030         
Jedi Mind Tricks – Violent by Design
Reflection Eternal – Train of Thought
 Common – Like Water for Chocolate           
 Jurassic 5 – Quality Control
Binary Star – Masters of the Universe
Dilated Peoples – Expansion Team
Masta Ace – Disposable Arts
The Roots – Phrenology
Madvillain – Madvillainy
Masta Ace – A long Hot Summer
Zion I – True & Livin
Jay Dee – Donuts
Ghostface Killah – Fishscale
J Live – Then what happened?
Mf Grim – American Hunger
Atmosphere – God loves Ugly
Aceyalone – Love & Hate
Reakwon – Only built for Cuban linx 2           
Mos Def – Ecstatic
Jaylib  -Champion sound
Percee P – Perseverance
Mf doom – MM..Food?
Krs one   –  Hip Hop Lives
Blaq poet – Blaq Print
Pete rock – Soul Survivor 2
Large professor – Main Source
Jay dee – The Shining
Edo g and Masta Ace – A&E
Mos def – Black on both sides
Dead prez – Lets get free
Non phixion- The future is now
Cannibal Ox — The Cold Vein
De La Soul – The Grind Date 

I choose Gangstarr’s The Ownerz as my #1 album of the decade because for me it had an impact for me while I was facing some walls in my life and this album has some messages that I can really relate to especially Dj Premier who I considered the best Hip Hop producer since the last two decades. I could listen to this album from beginning to end. Continue reading ‘Best Hip Hop Albums from this decade (2000-2009)’


Photography 101


Photography 101


Picture I took somewhere in Torrance California.

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